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Easter fun at the Los Angeles Arboretum

We recently became LA Arboretum members! (Thanks to Groupon) we got an amazing deal! I think we got the year for $35 which is over 50% discount. We had a membership to Descanso gardens which expired earlier this year and that alone was $85 for the year! CRAZY. I do prefer Descanso because its closer and there is never any traffic on the 2 freeway. The arboretum does have peacocks and they absolutely gorgeous. (and LOUD) lol.

 On Easter Sunday we headed to the arboretum for a huge easter egg hunt and festival. The kids didn't really "hunt" for the eggs they were just laid out across the grass. The kids were to collect them and then turn them in for a prize. This made Sadie super annoyed that she couldn't actually hunt for the eggs but she got over that as quick as she headed to do crafts and got a prize. It was a really great day. If you have never been to these gardens mentioned above you must GO check them out! 

Here's some pics of our time.



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