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Mother's Day weekend in Solvang, CA.

california mothers day northern california solvang

Hope you guys all had a wonderful mothers day! We had a little impromptu getaway up north to a quaint little danish town called Solvang. When you arrive its almost like stepping through time. So many beautiful buildings and windmills everywhere... it is absolutely adorable. It's a fun, quick getaway from Los Angeles.

 We stayed at a small hotel in town and woke up early sunday morning for breakfast and then some wine tasting. The fact that you can wine taste and wear your baby freaking blows my mind!! It was soooo nice to be around other parents enjoying themselves and our kiddos running around us. It was the best thing ever! Ryan tried wine for the first time (he isn't a big drinker) and this was my first real wine tasting!

 All around a really fun getaway. Although I don't think I realized how hard it is to take 2 kids away for the night... I think staying home and driving up would had been easier. 4 people in a hotel room is kind of well.. HELL hahaha. I think im still getting used to the whole "hey, I have two kids" deal. I am getting better!! We are all getting better and settling in to this new family of 4 life. 

here are some photos of our times:


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